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Meatball Mayhem

The PvP elimination game played through Twitch.

Are you a Twitch streamer and wish you had more fun ways to interact with your audience? Meatball Mayhem is an interactive, Twitch-based PvP elimination game that streamers can play with their audience.

Play as a meatball and face off against other meatballs (Twitch viewers) in odd thematical scenes. Take turns in phases moving and attacking other meatballs with explosives. The final meatball alive is the winner. The game can be played with or without the streamer.

Planned Features*¹

  • Fully integrated Twitch commands
  • Multiple maps, sound effects and more, to keep viewers entertained.
  • Role-based meatballs skins.
  • Donations change the way the game is played by introducing mods like low gravity, double-sized bombs, and more.
  • Up to 50 players at once.
  • Multiple skin, music, and sound effect packs*².
  • Private whisper-only mode.
  • Endless play mode (for always-online streams).
  • Localizations.
  • Stream-specific Leaderboard.

The Road So Far…

Stay updated with the development of Meatball Mayhem by checking out the public development Trello board.

1. Because Meatball Mayhem is an early access game, features are subject to change at any time or be added/removed from the game as development continues.

2. All custom packs that contain new skins, sound effects, music, and more must be purchased.